Since 1991 the Fund has received more than 4.000 claims on building defects. Somewhere in the vicinity of two thirds of these have been acknowledged, after which the Fund subsidises up to 95% coverage of the building owner’s expenses for the cost of repairs. Only damages related to the construction phase (presence of deficiencies) are covered.

The Fund covers up to 95% of the joint expenditures for damage repairs that are claimed at the latest 20 years after hand over have taken place. Coverage is reduced according to the usual terms of compensation: for example expected life-span reductions, when construction costs have been economised, or if the repair work also comprises a general building improvement etc.

After acknowledgement of a building damage, the Fund makes liability claims to the responsible builder, seller, consultants, contractors and suppliers as far as possible. In this way the building repair expenses that rest on the Fund and the building owner are minimised. It is the Fund’s view, that it has a preventive effect on all participants involved in subsidised building, that they know they are liable for damage claims.


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