The Danish Building Defects Fund disseminates its knowledge and experiences through many channels and in many contexts.

Since 1991 architecture and engineering companies all over Denmark have carried out over 11.000 inspections for The Danish Building Defects Fund and hereby gained valuable technical information about how other engineers and architects as well as contractors, suppliers and builders have carried out their job.

The building inspection surveyors see inspirational examples of good practice, as well as risky constructive solutions, which they hopefully then opt to avoid themselves. At annual joint meetings through out the country, The Danish Building Defects Fund informs the firms, who carry out the building inspections, about general tendencies within the field and open discussions on current themes of importance.

In connection to the 11.000 building inspections, The Danish Building Defects Fund has guided building owners, about how registered defects either can be repaired or the service life prolonged through servicing and maintenance in the future. In almost all cases, the Fund’s evaluations and consultations are passed on to construction entrepreneurs and builders, when the building owner makes claims concerning deficiencies and damages.

The Danish Building Defects Fund disseminates information through its annual reports, by participating in seminars, lectures and courses as well as professional work groups.

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